Giving DuPage

Giving DuPage was founded in 2001 by two philanthropists who felt that the community was unaware of all the ways to share their time, treasure and talent with others. With the support of DuPage County government, and in collaboration with the Healthy DuPage initiative, Giving DuPage was initially called the DuPage Philanthropy Project, and was established with a mission to promote giving and volunteerism in DuPage County.

While the name was changed to Giving DuPage, the mission and vision have remained consistent over the last twelve years. Committed to the belief that every individual can contribute positively to the community, Giving DuPage inspires and informs businesses, civic groups and individuals in DuPage County to share their resources of time, money, goods and services with non-profits, serving the needs of county residents. Conversely, we also assist non-profits in increasing their capacities to raise funds and utilize volunteers.

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A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter

MISSION: A.D.O.P.T.’s mission shall be to improve the quality of life of animals and to place them into loving and permanent homes through rescue, extraordinary and compassionate care and humane education.

VISION: A.D.O.P.T. envisions a community where every pet has a permanent and loving home, every companion animal is spayed or neutered, and all pets are treated with respect and compassion.

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Alive is Naperville’s teen center. Centrally located, we provide teens a unique place to connect, discover and come alive! Our mission is to be a teen-led, teen-driven (TLTD) center focused on empowering the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow. As a nonprofit organization we offer free drop-in hours after school and over the summer as well as a myriad of programs, classes and events, designed to build confident and resilient teens.

On any given day at Alive one will find teen-led tutoring, mentoring and clubs as well as life skill classes such as unstructured art and dance, nutrition and healthy cooking, stress management, open music venues, creative writing and just plain fun! We are a place to belong and learn important life skills. We are about new experiences and expanding minds!
Our paid programming and rentals help us to fully utilize the space while allowing our community to support our local teens.

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Literacy DuPage

Literacy DuPage recruits and trains tutors who teach adults English. Our volunteers teach basic—but life-changing—communication skills to adults who do not know English.

Since 1972, we’ve been equipping a big-hearted army of tutors to sit side-by-side with adults who cannot understand, speak, read, or write English. Imagine! We give these volunteers the materials, techniques, and confidence they need to help adults bust through language barriers and experience a whole new world of communication and connection—right here in DuPage County.

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Side By Side Smiles

We are two 15-year-old high school girls who launched our own charity Side By Side Smiles in January of 2017. We started our charity to benefit children who cannot afford cleft lip or palate surgeries in different countries around the world. All of the funds we raise go towards Smile Train, an organization that trains doctors to perform these cleft surgeries.

Every three minutes, a child is born with either a cleft lip or palate. While both of these conditions are not life threatening, both can cause speech impairments, trouble with teeth, and breathing problems. This is detrimental to a child’s development as well as later life. A cleft lip is defined as an opening or split in the lip, and a cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth, which is caused by developmental issues.

Although cleft lips and palates can have a major impact, a few surgeries in a child’s early life can help solve the issue. Any donation can make a difference, and we are also raising money by selling $5 handmade charm bracelets.

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