Side By Side Smiles

We are two 15-year-old high school girls who launched our own charity Side By Side Smiles in January of 2017. We started our charity to benefit children who cannot afford cleft lip or palate surgeries in different countries around the world. All of the funds we raise go towards Smile Train, an organization that trains doctors to perform these cleft surgeries.

Every three minutes, a child is born with either a cleft lip or palate. While both of these conditions are not life threatening, both can cause speech impairments, trouble with teeth, and breathing problems. This is detrimental to a child’s development as well as later life. A cleft lip is defined as an opening or split in the lip, and a cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth, which is caused by developmental issues.

Although cleft lips and palates can have a major impact, a few surgeries in a child’s early life can help solve the issue. Any donation can make a difference, and we are also raising money by selling $5 handmade charm bracelets.

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